Thimphu Valley

Discover Bhutan’s colourful history and wealth of traditions while exploring the Kingdom’s only city – a capital like no other – with Amankora’s curated experiences. Visit Tashichho Dzong at dusk and hike to the Cheri Goemba, a picturesque temple and monastery where the Kingdom’s first monastic body was established. Experience astrology readings and insightful lectures and learn more about Bhutan's diverse cultural heritage with visits to the Textile Museum, Weaving Centre and Paper Factory. Time your trip with the four-day Tshechu Festival held each spring, when costumed and masked dancers perform in the courtyards of Thimphu’s Tashichho Dzong as they have done for centuries.

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Uncover your past and future

Experience a personal astrology reading at the monastic astrology school housed within ancient Pangri Zampa Lhakang. This collection of 16th-century temples were built by Ngawang Choegyel, the great-grandfather of the Zhadrung, the lama who unified Bhutan. Previously used as the Zhadrung’s residence when he arrived in Bhutan during 1616, the temples are now dedicated to interpreting the past and foretelling the future as guided by the heavens. A private reading can also be arranged back at Amankora Thimphu.

Master Bhutan’s official national sport 

Join the passionate spectators at one of the frequent archery tournaments on the festival calendar or take a personal class at Amankora Thimphu and learn to master the bow. Archery – or ‘Da’ – has been Bhutan’s official national sport for five decades, but the importance of the bow and arrow has been celebrated in the country’s myths for thousands of years. 

Engage with spiritual leaders

Learn about the rich history of Buddhism in the Himalayan region from Mynak Trulku – the 12th reincarnate lama of Mynak Rinpoche who is the spiritual leader of the Mynak province in the Eastern region of Tibet. Mynak Trulku’s insightful lectures take place in Thimphu Lodge’s library twice a week or can be offered privately on request. 

Marvel at the Buddha Dordenma

Stand in awe before the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy – one of the world’s tallest Buddha statues erected in 2015 not far from Amankora Thimphu. Within this towering golden monument are over one hundred thousand smaller Buddha statues, also made of bronze and gilded in gold. Built to bestow blessings, peace and happiness on the whole world, the statue is surrounded by almost 950 acres of protected forest and overlooks the southern approach to the capital.



Picnic on top of the world

Dochu La is one of Bhutan’s most iconic mountain passes, straddling the border between Thimphu and Punakha at 3,100 metres above sea level. Offering stupendous mountain views, this remote and lofty passage between the two valleys features 108 memorial chortens (mound-like stupas containing relics) and a striking temple, the Druk Wangyal Lhakhang.

After the breathtaking drive to the top of the pass, savour your choice of breakfast or lunch, set up for you on the hill overlooking the Druk Wangyal memorial chortens and the panorama of Himalayan peaks separating Bhutan from Tibet. On cloudy days, the mountain ranges are hardly visible, yet the scene is no less magical. Mountain mists veil the chortens and surrounding forests imbuing a mystical aura to monuments and nature alike.