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365 Days of Happiness

Bhutan is a global pioneer, the first nation of the world to systematically measure its success not by the strength of its economy but by the happiness of its people. Such a unique approach befits a country unlike any other – a wild, spiritual and majestic mountain kingdom where tranquility reigns and everything is off the beaten track. Whether travellers visit in the height of summer, when the Himalayas are carpeted with wildflowers, or the depths of winter, when cobalt skies segue into spectacular starscapes – Bhutan is a year-round revelation.


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Soul and spirit

Bhutan is a land of temples and monasteries, deeply touched by Buddhist thought. Amankora gives guests opportunities to tap into Bhutan’s soulful character, through immersive cultural experiences and personal encounters at dzongs, monasteries and other sacred sites.

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Active adventure

Discover the natural beauty of the Himalayas with hikes, cycling and eye-opening experiences in Bhutan’s magnificent mountain landscape. Each of Amankora’s five lodges promises unique wildlife encounters and breathtaking mountain vistas, as well as a variety of exhilarating adventures such as white-water rafting and Bhutan's national sport, archery.

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The Cabin Below the Tiger’s Nest

Nestled in the foothills where pilgrims begin their journeys in the shadows of the iconic Tiger’s Nest, Amankora’s log cabin offers a breathtaking prelude or a cosy finale for hikes up to the legendary monastery. Accessible via a hidden path just moments from the main hiking trail, the quaint cabin is surrounded by a verdant pine forest which opens onto tranquil lawns with sweeping vistas of the monastery structures that appear to precariously cling onto the dramatic cliffside.

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