At water's edge

At water's edge

Photography by Chris Colls

Amanera, Dominican Republic 

Blue spaces are believed to bring a sense of lightness, with proximity to the sea enhancing both mental and physical wellbeing. On the Dominican Republic’s north coast, where miles of golden sand meet the Atlantic mist, this natural remedy is prescribed in waves.  

Effortlessly blending into the landscape that surrounds, Amanera doesn’t distract from its dramatic domain, instead it provides a place to experience water's restorative powers. Blurring the line between land and sea, canopied architecture sinks deep into the cascading cliffside, backed by a thick mass of jungle and palm that provides welcome solace from the rest of the world.  

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Amanera inhabits 2,000 acres – a land of verdant peaks, centuries-old trees and seemingly endless coastline. Each element forms a part of the transformational experience, whether learning the medicinal properties of nature’s bounty on a guided hike or discovery amongst the waves with water sports and kayak expeditions to the nearby Laguna Gri Gri mangroves.  

On the jagged clifftop perch that Amanera calls home, photographer Chris Colls and his partner and model Alexandra Agoston continued their visual journey across the Aman globe. Neighboured only by sea, sand and sky, Colls captured uncomplicated coastal living, assimilating with the peace, untouched natural beauty and healing force of this singular place.  

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“There’s a captivating, rugged side to the Playa Grande. It feels untouched. When you walk along the beach you feel like you could be the first and only person to walk those footsteps. I wanted to bring to life this profound sense of solitude.” 

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“The energy we experienced was just as inspiring as the setting. The relationship between architecture and environment is always the first thing I notice at any Aman, but here I wanted to portray that feeling - the inimitable force of nature.” 

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“We visited in height of summer which meant benefiting from some of the most beautiful skies. As the light changed throughout the day so too did the architecture, seemingly changing form. At times the pavilions appeared translucent, as if floating."

Do not use - Chris Colls imagery
Do not use - Chris Colls Imagery
Do no use - Chris Colls Imagery
Do not use - Chris Colls Imagery

New York based fashion photographer, Chris Colls, developed his creative expression through his interest in photography, art, and architecture which he continues to pursue with a relentless passion. Chris’ imagery and artistic vision have contributed to internationally renowned fashion publications such as Interview Magazine & Vogue. He works with many established luxury brands, and his celebrity collaborations includes actors, musicians and models from across the globe. 

Australian born model and artist, Alexandra Agoston, has graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. After being scouted walking down the streets of Paris, Alexandra made her runway debut for Christian Dior by John Galliano. She has since worked alongside some of the industry's most respected creatives, as the muse of Jean Paul Gaultier and Comme des Garçon. Alexandra is an ambassador for Parley, an organization taking action to protect our oceans. 

Chris and Alexandra split their time between New York and Paris.